Our Programs

There's a lot that goes into making groceries available to those in need in our community. We also provide hundreds of service hours and volunteer opportunities to those in the community as well. There's room for everyone here!


Food Distribution

When food is purchased or donated, it is carefully sorted, packed, and distributed to those in need. We prepare balanced meal packages based on the items available in our inventory.


Not every person in need can make it out to our pickup days, so we try our very best to find a way to help them. Do you want to be a part of our special team that meets people where they are at? 


Looking for a place to make a difference? Want to experience the life-giving role of paying it forward to those in need and helping satisfy the hungry? Volunteer with us!


What is a full stomach without a full heart? The Columbia Food Bank fills hearts with friendship and smiles. We love getting to know those in the community and calling them 'friends.'